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2 brothers

We are 2 brothers, gamers, sport junkies and recently also iOS developers from "the little big country" Slovakia. We love playing all kinds of games and we know, that if a team wants to win a game, it has to have at least one key player. On our team, we have 2 of them :)

Key Player 1
Key Player 2

It has always been our dream to develop and release at least one game and we were trying hard to make this dream come true. And it did when we released Tiliard back in 2012. Since then, we're also trying to help out other indie developers by beta-testing their apps & games, as well as making them more accessible in our country by translating them to Slovak language. Nowadays, we're in search for some free time to continue our work on App no. 1 and Game no. 2.

Key apps & games

8 tile

Tiliard is a unique mix of billiard and puzzle game. Use your fingertips instead of pool cues and shoot tiles instead of balls. Clear each table with as few shots as possible. To achieve it, you must think ahead and plan every shot before you take it, just like in a real game of pool or snooker.

Do you think you got what it takes to become a Tiliard All-Star?



innovative gameplay

smooth learning curve

multiple ways to solve puzzles

4 (+1) unique tile halls

40 (+10) challenging tables

exceptional power-ups

Game Center achievements & leaderboards

music by Pietro Royalty

made in Slovakia


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